About Us

The Legends approach is a unique developmental system with an incredible 30-year history. The Legends Soccer Club focuses intensely on creating brave creative leaders for life. Our no guilt, no shame, no blame philosophy gives kids the confidence to get out of their comfort zone and create the big play in any situation!

Legends Coaches... For Soccer & Life
Our coaches are knowledgeable, loving, kind, caring, ethical, intelligent, dedicated, fun mentors of great character and soccer ability.

Focused on Legendary 1v1 Moves!
Players at all ages are consistently trained and encouraged to develop and use some of the most legendary 1v1 moves seen in the game today!  Our coaches will rapidly improve the player's deceptive dribbling ability on the ball and make them a tremendous goal scorer.  This is done through the combination of 5 different elements of learning: demonstration, repetition, correction, reinforcement, and experimentation.

A Global Organization
The Legends Soccer Club can be found in many cities and states across the the world!  The collaboration between our hundreds of coaches from different cultures and experiences, allows us to continously refine the methods and approaches we use to teach kids the beautiful game of soccer.

Development Path
Our players can start in our HappyFeet program at age 2 and progress to our Future Legends program and then onto a travel team in our Legends Soccer Club.  The legendary 1v1 move are taught to the kids the minute they enter one of our programs and further refined as they grow with us.  We pride ourselves on being a club with a local feel and affordable pricing, but  can give each player an experience of a lifetime as they grow and develop with us.  We want all of our players to develop into brave creative leaders no matter what they do in life!